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Among the most frequent questions we are asked by clients going through a divorce pertain to alimony. Most people know that alimony concerns the payment of economic support to an ex-spouse. Alimony is a complex issue because there are presently no guidelines in Florida providing direction for courts as to the amount of alimony that should be paid and, if so, for how long.

Each divorce or dissolution case presents a host of variables which factor into the alimony analysis. The standard of living of the marriage must be assessed, along with the relative incomes and earning potentials of the respective spouses. Among other things, we must consider whether one spouse is economically weaker than the other and, if so, to what degree and why. There are a number of specific factors involved in this alimony analysis, including the length and history of the marriage, the party’s ages, and the employment history and the ability to gain employment based upon education and experience.

The bottom line in divorce is this: How much economic or financial impact will be caused by the divorce? How much alimony will be paid, by whom, and for how long? At Duncan Trial & Family Law, our goal is to help you make realistic assessments of these issues based upon your circumstances, and then fight for you so that your successful transition to single life will include as little financial stress as reasonably possible.

In Florida there are presently six types of alimony that can be awarded by a court:
Permanent Alimony
Durational Alimony
Rehabilitation Alimony
Bridge the Gap Alimony
Lump Sum Alimony
Temporary Alimony
Under current Florida law, a court has great discretion in determining how much alimony to award and for how long. Every divorce and alimony case is unique, so it is important that you contact Duncan Trial & Family Law to discuss in detail the circumstances of your case so that we can develop the best legal strategy available for you and your alimony situation.

“Alimony reform” has been a topic of great discussion recently, and it appears likely that significant changes may soon be passed into law. However, at Duncan Trial & Family Law we have been studying the proposed “alimony reform” very closely, and it appears that if such “alimony reform” is passed into law there will remain a number of factors that will, depending upon the circumstances of each case, require in-depth legal analysis and litigation. If you are planning a divorce, or have already started that process, it is possible that you will be impacted by whatever alimony reform legislation is passed. You will need an attorney who not only understands the current alimony framework in Florida but who has also been studying and preparing for any changes that may be on the horizon.

Mike Duncan uses in-depth legal analysis as well as creative approaches to examining each divorce and alimony case to give clients the best chance for success at mediation or trial. Contact Mike Duncan and Duncan Trial & Family Law for assistance with your divorce and alimony issues.

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