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Florida child custody law is, in some ways, different from custody arrangements in many other states. For example, the term “custody” is no longer utilized under Florida law; rather, Florida family law courts use the term “time-sharing.” In other words, “time-sharing” is the term that addresses legal guardian status, residency, and caretaking responsibilities for the child.

Instead of “custody arrangements” Florida family law courts utilize “parenting plans.” The parenting plan is the written plan addressing time-sharing that is either agreed to by the parents or, if the parents cannot agree, the court orders. The amount of time each parent will spend with the child is set by the time-sharing arrangement contained within the parenting plan. In extreme cases, such as when one parent has shown violent tendencies or has a substance abuse problem, then a court may order that time-sharing be supervised or no time-sharing for that parent occur at all. Depending upon their age, courts may consider children’s input in making time-sharing findings.

It is critical that you know your rights so you can ensure the right amount of parenting time and be able to care for your child.

Being the best possible parent for your child is, without question, the most meaningful role. You certainly have every right to be with your child, and your child deserves having you there.
If you are in a custody or time-sharing dispute with the other parent of your child, or you anticipate one, it is vital that you know and understand your rights and options. Duncan Trial & Family Law understands the significance that parenting plans, time-sharing and custody battles play in family law cases. Duncan Trial & Family Law also knows that you need powerful legal representation in your corner to help you through these tough challenges. Let us help you by fighting for your rights and for the best interests of your child.

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