IMPORTANT - If you have been served with divorce or marriage dissolution papers, call Duncan Trial & Family Law as soon as possible.  Time deadlines are pending and you do not want to risk losing or waiving rights by not responding on time.

The end of a marriage is not simply a legal problem - it impacts every part of life. Divorce changes your marital status, but it also impacts upon your financial situation, relationships with friends and family, and how you may feel about yourself. From your first consult, Mike Duncan will be there to help you.

Duncan Trial & Family Law has experience with high-asset divorces, complex litigation divorces, cases with children’s issues and cases involving complex financial and business issues. Mike Duncan works diligently to help clients through divorce with professionalism, integrity and compassion. Our goal at Duncan Trial & Family Law is not just for our clients to survive divorce, but to thrive in their lives after the divorce.

Sound legal and life strategies are important during divorce and dissolution of marriage cases. The issues involved in these cases are important. If minor children are involved, parental responsibility is at the top of everyone’s list of concerns. Time-sharing, parenting plans and child support obligations are included with these concerns. The best interests of the children must always be considered when these concerns are being addressed, and at Duncan Trial & Family Law we understand the questions and concerns your judge will have when making decisions about these issues in your case.

Alimony – and attempts at alimony reform in Florida – is almost always an issue in divorce cases. A number of factors come into play in determining whether alimony will be required and, if so, how much it will be. At Duncan Trial & Family Law, we use our experience and understanding of these factors to help our clients get the best possible result where alimony is at issue.

Equitable distribution is often much more complex than it sounds. Accurately accounting for all of the assets and liabilities in a divorce, and then dividing them equitably, is often very complicated. Each asset must be examined to determine whether it is marital or non-marital. The marital home and other real estate holdings must be examined and valued, and disputes often arise about how to divide these assets, particularly when mortgages and other financial issues are involved. Businesses, stock in closely-held companies, partnerships, stock options and other investments often must be evaluated as to whether they are marital assets and, if so, how they are to be valued. Personal property accumulated during the marriage, such as automobiles, furniture, jewelry, art, and other contents of the home, must be divided. Bank accounts, financial accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, pension funds, 401-K’s, IRA’s and other financial accounts must be distributed, and many times it is necessary to investigate whether a spouse is hiding money or other assets. Finally, there are likely debts involved that may or may not be marital and which must be investigated. At Duncan Trial & Family Law, our trial attorney has been litigating these types of complex valuation and financial issues for over 20 years – Mike Duncan has the background and experience that are essential to understanding not only how assets are to be classified and valued, but also finding the best way to divide assets so as to maximize his clients’ recovery and assure that his clients get their fair share of money, property and retirement funds.

At Duncan Trial & Family Law, our goal is provide our clients with not only a satisfactory result in their divorce case, but a solid foundation upon which to build their future life after divorce. Getting to that result is the challenge, but it is a challenge Duncan Trial & Family Law faces for its clients every day, and we do that successfully by developing strategies that are unique to each case. Every divorce involves different people, different personalities, different assets, and different circumstances, so we make certain the strategies we implement are individually tailored to meet the circumstances of each case. Divorce can seem like a treacherous minefield – let Mike Duncan use his experience to develop the strategies that will help you achieve the best possible result in all aspects of your case.

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