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A high asset divorce can inject additional complexity to the dissolution of a marriage. Money can cause complications, sometimes to an astonishing level.

At Duncan Trial & Family Law, we understand that high asset divorces can, in many instances, have more in common with litigation over a business breakup. A party’s rights to business ownership interests (including corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and limited liability companies), real estate holdings, inheritances, stocks, investment accounts, and pensions are among the interests that must be protected and argued over during a high asset divorce. High asset cases nearly always present complex financial situations that call for creative strategies and solutions.

Mike Duncan has significant experience litigating business breakups and valuation issues involving these types of assets, and has successfully tried these cases before judges and juries. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Mike Duncan brings a professional, focused, business litigation strategy to high asset divorce cases so that these valuable interests can be protected in the best manner possible. Duncan Trial & Family Law has experience searching for assets that may be hidden, conducting a forensic examination of financial records to try to uncover hidden funds, and tracking down property that one party is trying to keep from another.

At Duncan Trial & Family Law, we believe that our professional, aggressive approach to high asset divorce cases provides our clients with the best chances for a successful outcome. The interests involved in your high asset divorce case are too valuable to trust to just anyone, so let Duncan Trial & Family Law put its experience to work for you.

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