MPORTANT - If you have been served with divorce or marriage dissolution papers, or with papers concerning an alimony or child support modification, call Duncan Trial & Family Law as soon as possible.  Time deadlines are pending and you do not want to risk losing or waiving rights by not responding on time.

A divorce or child support case is litigation – make no mistake about it. These cases are hard-fought, and you need a seasoned, aggressive litigator like Mike Duncan to work with you toward achieving the best possible result. If litigated to the end, as some family law cases are, this will require a final hearing or trial before a judge who will make the final decision for each disputed issue.

However, in nearly all family law cases, Florida courts ask or instruct that parties make a good faith attempt at mediation before trial. Mediation occurs outside of the courtroom – usually in an attorney’s offices - with the guidance of a mediator. The two parties and their respective attorneys meet and discuss the case issues with the mediator and try to reach their own agreement. The mediator serves as a neutral third party, and the mediator’s role is to guide the two parties through the process. If the parties are able to reach an agreement on some or all of the issues, a written agreement detailing the terms is drafted and it is taken to the family law judge to be entered. If there are any issues that remain unresolved after the mediation, then the case goes to trial on the unresolved issues. If all issues are resolved by mediation, then a final judgment is entered once the family law judge approves of the terms of the settlement.

Mike Duncan takes a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to the entire mediation process. He thoroughly understands the family law mediation process, and in addition to his vast mediation experience as an attorney, he has also been through the process as a party in a divorce. Contact Mike Duncan and Duncan Trial & Family Law for assistance on all of your divorce and child custody related issues, and to talk about how mediation might be useful in your case.

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