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When a member of the military is involved in a divorce, the divorce litigation presents some unique legal issues.  There are certain protections and provisions within the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 which come into play. Other federal statutes and regulations may also be applicable to the military divorce, impacting issues such as military pensions, military retirement pay, child support, alimony, health insurance benefits, and survivor’s benefits.

Military divorce can bring with it issues relating to time-sharing and custody. Sometimes long distance parenting plans are needed. Issues arise relating to time-sharing and deployments. These issues require creative solutions so as to best assure that the relationship between the children and parents can thrive while one or more of the parents is in military service.

There are a number of complicated factors in military divorce, so it is important that you have the assistance of experienced, knowledgeable counsel to help you avoid simple mistakes and guide you through your divorce.

At Duncan Trial & Family Law, our goal is provide our clients with not only a satisfactory result in their divorce case, but a solid foundation upon which to build their future life after divorce. Getting to that result is the challenge, but it is a challenge Duncan Trial & Family Law faces for its clients every day, and we do that successfully by developing strategies that are unique to each case. Every divorce involves different people, different personalities, different assets, and different circumstances, so we make certain the strategies we implement are individually tailored to meet the circumstances of each case. Divorce can seem like a treacherous minefield – let Mike Duncan use his experience to develop the strategies that will help you achieve the best possible result in all aspects of your case.

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