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In Florida, parents who divorce or have otherwise engaged in a child custody dispute must ultimately have a parenting plan outlining each of the parent’s responsibilities associated with the upbringing of their minor children. Parenting plans and time-sharing agreements are, in essence, arrangements concerning custody and visitation, and these written agreements or plans govern the parents’ rights and duties pertaining to the children.

Parenting plans should always cover the following:

How the parents will share in the duties and responsibilities for the tasks involved with the upbringing of the children.

Time-sharing schedule arrangements, which will detail the days and times the minor children will spend with each parent.

Who will be responsible for healthcare (including health insurance), unreimbursed medical expenses, extracurricular activity expenses, and school-related matters.

How the parents will communicate with and concerning the minor children.

Family law judges usually require that the parents try to prepare their own parenting plan, either through mediation or other negotiations. If the parents are not able to reach an amicable agreement over a parenting plan, then these issues must be tried before a judge.

Experienced and aggressive representation is essential to achieving a successful, comprehensive parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement. Whether there is hope that you and the other parent can prepare a strong parenting plan through mediation, or if you believe you must litigate parenting plan issues before the judge, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney such as Mike Duncan by your side.

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