IMPORTANT - If you have been served with papers concerning a paternity matter, call Duncan Trial & Family Law as soon as possible.  Time deadlines are pending and you do not want to risk losing or waiving rights by not responding on time.

In Florida, a paternity action is filed so that rights concerning time-sharing, custody, visitation and support can be protected. When a child is born during a marriage, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child. However, if it is believed that another individual is the biological father of the child, or if a child is otherwise born out of wedlock, a paternity action can be filed.

A paternity action can be initiated in several different ways. A woman who is pregnant or has a child can file a paternity action. Also, a man who has reason to believe that he is the father of a child can initiate a paternity proceeding. Also, a child may bring an action to determine paternity when it has not yet been established.

After the court determines paternity, it may court may decide custody (such as a time-sharing schedule and parenting plan), payment of child support (present and retroactive), as well as payment of attorney fees and costs involved in the paternity case.

Legal paternity can only be established through a paternity agreement signed by the mother and the father, or through legal action in the form of a paternity lawsuit. Let Duncan Trial & Family Law help you if you have a paternity matter that must be resolved.

Duncan Trial & Family Law can evaluate your particular circumstances and develop a strategy to address the paternity issues you may be facing. Whether your issues concern visitation, time-sharing, custody, child support or other parenting plan issues, let Duncan Trial & Family Law fight for your rights.

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