IMPORTANT - If you have been served with divorce or marriage dissolution papers, or papers concerning a relocation of a minor child, call Duncan Trial & Family Law as soon as possible.  Time deadlines are pending and you do not want to risk losing or waiving rights by not responding on time.

If, after a divorce or other child custody matter is resolved, one of the parents wants to relocate the minor children more than 50 miles away from their residence at the time of the divorce, the non-relocating parent must consent or a Court must permit the relocation.

Florida law provides the Court with a number of factors to be considered in determining if relocation should be allowed. Before the Court can assess the facts and consider these factors, however, a number of prerequisites must be met, including full compliance with Florida’s relocation statute.

Temporary relocation petitions are entitled to an expedited hearing, meaning that these matters move quickly and acting quickly to protect your rights is critical.  These hearings require quick and significant preparation. Attorney Mike Duncan is always ready to move quickly to assist with your matter, so if you need help with a relocation matter, please do not hesitate to contact Duncan Trial & Family Law.

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