Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

To many, family is everything. As a result, it can be difficult when you run into marital problems or disputes involving your divorce. As a family law attorney, Mike Duncan has more than 25 years of experience guiding individuals, couples, and families to happier, healthier lives. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida or any of the surrounding communities, you can turn to Duncan Trial & Mediation to assist you through the process in order to seek a successful result. Mike has helped clients through a variety of issues from divorce and child custody to domestic violence, so reach out today to schedule a consultation so you can begin your journey to a better tomorrow.


Going through a divorce is never easy for anyone. To make sure you have all of your bases covered and your best interests are kept a priority, contact attorney Mike Duncan today. Mike focuses his practice around preparedness, adaptability, and determination. As you go through various divorce proceedings including child custody & support, spousal support, and property distribution, you must be ready for any curveball your soon-to-be-ex might throw at you. Mike’s preparedness with your case and his ability to adapt to such curveballs will be extremely valuable when seeking agreements and results that lean in your favor.

Compassionate Guidance for Your Family


Domestic Violence

Oftentimes, people choose to divorce their spouse because they feel as if they are endangered. There is no reason for anyone to live in fear of their spouse, so Mike Duncan will be there to protect you and your children if you have any. Throughout Jacksonville, Mike has helped clients with the following:

  • Taking proper precautions to ensure your safety
  • Working toward a temporary injunction to protect you, your children, and those testifying for you in court
  • Gathering evidence to build a case in your favor
  • Fighting for your rights as someone who has been a victim of verbal, physical, or mental, or emotional abuse

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

No one plans for divorce, but sometimes prenuptial agreements are necessary to protect one’s assets should you end up splitting up from your partner. In short prenuptial agreements lay out the distribution of property before you get married. In any case, you and your partner must fully disclose any assets that you have so the agreement can be as accurate as possible.

Postnuptial agreements are just like prenuptial agreements except for the fact that they are created after you are married. Couples going through a “rough patch” may look at creating postnuptial agreements to cover their bases, or if one party has gone through a significant life change, like inheritance, establishing clear ownership is beneficial to everyone involved.

The Difference Between Litigation and Mediation

When you go through a divorce or other family-related legal matter, you may have run across the term “mediation attorney” or “mediator,” but aren’t quite sure how it differs from a litigation attorney or litigator. 


This method to resolve your divorce includes two attorneys, one for each party, who represent their clients in their best interests while going through matters like child custody and support, alimony, and property distribution. These disputes can arise at the beginning of your divorce when you’re making initial arrangements or later on when one parent doesn’t follow through with their side of the deal.


Mediation, on the other hand, occurs when a couple would like to solve their legal issues amicably, efficiently, and without emotions running high as a result of bickering or back-and-forth. As a mediator, Mike Duncan will act as a third-party neutral that works with both parties to seek solutions for divorce.

Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

You may still be wondering whether litigation or mediation is the best option for you, so contact family law attorney Mike Duncan today. He’ll be able to look over your case and lay out your best options for moving forward. Schedule a consultation at Duncan Trial & Mediation in Jacksonville, Florida today. Mike represents clients throughout Northeastern Florida from St. Augustine to Orange Park and everywhere in between.