Alimony Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

Fight for A Reasonable Settlement

When a couple is married, they become accustomed to the same standard of living. After the dissolution of a marriage, one party may find that their standard of living has significantly decreased and they may seek spousal support (or alimony) payments from their ex-spouse. This is designed to provide dependant ex-spouses with reasonable financial assistance. A family lawyer such as Mike Duncan can help you determine the appropriate alimony payment amount and fight for your alimony settlement in court, if necessary. Duncan Trial & Mediation assists clients dealing with a variety of family law-related issues in the greater Jacksonville area including Duval County, Nassau County, and Saint Johns County, Florida.

How Alimony Payment Amounts Are Determined

Alimony is determined after a thorough analysis of the finances of both parties.

  • The financial standard of living during the marriage
  • The income and earning potential of each ex-spouse
  • The length and history of the marriage
  • The age and employment history of both parties

Get Assistance with Establishing Spousal Support

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