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You Want What's Best for Your Child

Mike Duncan is a compassionate and experienced family lawyer who regularly assists and represents clients dealing with issues related to child custody and child support payments. Contact Duncan Trial & Mediation to request your consultation with a versatile child law attorney today. Mike will fight to protect your interests and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your child. Duncan Trial & Mediation is based in Jacksonville, Florida and serves clients in the surrounding areas.

How Can a Child Custody Lawyer Help You Protect Your Rights and Interests?

Your relationship with your child is essential and you have rights as a parent. Mike will analyze the facts of your case in order to build an argument that supports your stance in your child custody dispute. He can also advise you on the modification process, which allows you to adjust your child custody agreement as circumstances change or as new evidence becomes available.

  • Representing you in hearings to determine child custody
  • Modifying your child custody agreement post-divorce

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